This a running list of the Meetups we organize and sometimes facilitate for Agile Knoxville

Let’s Meetup and discuss Solving Software Problems, Monday June 26th, 6:30 – 8:00 PM at Saw Works   708 E Depot Ave, Knoxville, TN

We are honored to have an awesome Agile mentor, author, coach, and teacher facilitating this Meetup, Don Gray.

You can learn about his experience and everything he does, like coach sessions with Esther Derby by checking out his website; Be sure to check out his endorsements also to really see the depth he brings.

Solving Software Problems
Creative problem solving is the essence of software development. We never solve the same problem twice. We reuse previous solutions (or parts of them) when possible. But every application has novelty, a newness and difference that requires fresh thinking. Otherwise we’d use the existing application.

However all problems are not created equal. In this session we’ll experience solving different types of problems. We’ll explore similarities and differences. What happens when we use an improper solving heuristic?

Join us and have fun exploring the world of problem solving!

RecruitWise will be there with pizza at 6:30
We will begin at 7 as usual, and wrap up around 8.

Come prepared to learn and participate!

Let me know if you have any questions. Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

Let’s Meetup and talk how how CMMI can be used to evaluate agile performance: Thursday, April 6th 6:30 – 8 PM

Jeff Dalton, President of Broadsword ( will be sharing on the topic of ” Finally! A model for evaluating agile performance: The Agile Performance Holarchy.”

Jeff is Broadsword’s President, Certified Lead Appraiser and author of “agileCMMI,” Broadsword’s leading methodology for incremental and iterative performance improvement. He is  principle author of the CMMI Institute’s “Guide to Scrum and CMMI: Improving Agile Performance with CMMI” and is a sought after keynote speaker and author whose career spans over two decades in the technology industry. Jeff is a jazz bassist who builds experimental airplanes in Michigan.

We will be meeting at Saw Works but this time it will be a Thursday, and there will be a food truck, Chef Box parked outside for your dining pleasure. We will do our usual eat and hang out from 6:30 – 7 and Jeff will begin at 7. This will be a fantastic opportunity for us to learn from a true leader and visionary in Agile!

Also Saw Works will be open so this is an experiment to see how this works with the potential for others to be there, since some requested meeting later in the week.

As always let me know if you have any questions and I hope many of you can make it out for this great learning opportunity!

To learn more, RSVP, and see who else is coming, click HERE

Let’s Meetup and talk how to handle challenging personality types: Feb 20th 6:30 – 8 PM

Based on survey results THE most popular topic is how to work with challenging personality types in a team setting. So that is what we will discuss for February’s Meetup!

Please email me at if there are any personality types in particular that you want to learn how to handle better. Feel free to throw some out at the last minute or during the Meetup as well, AND bring your ideas:)
I will be sharing some common ones, some games and exercises to help deal better, and some other resources as well.
This will be interactive for those that want to participate, but you don’t have to 😉

  • We will have some hang out, eat some pizza, thanks again Recruitwise, and get to know each other better time from 6:30 – 7.
  • Workshop will be from 7-8

The goal is for everyone to have fun while learning some practical try tomorrow how to tips and ideas to better handle some of the most challenging personality types on your team.

As always, please connect if you have any questions and thanks again!

WHERE: Saw Works

NOTE: Food will be provided by RecruitWise – the bar will be open as usual!

Let’s Meetup and Retro – Jan 16th 6:30 – 8 PM

Join us for a Retro Meetup – we will do the meetup as a Retro with each of the stages represented. We will set the stage, gather insights, analyze and create action items, and close out.

NOTE: Food will be provided by RecruitWise – the bar will be open as usual!

Also come prepared with ideas or requests for what you want Agile Knoxville to be in 2017.

Saw Works Brewing Company – 708 E Depot Ave, Knoxville, TN 37917

RSVP HERE please 🙂img_8467


Let’s Meetup Open Source style part 2 with Agile Knoxville

Our last Meetup was done using Open Source and it went so well that a part 2 is in order. It is also a great way to help more people participate in the group. Plus, I just got back from an Open Source Conference in Nashville where I learned some additional facilitation techniques.
Open Source means that there is no set topic. The way it works is that those with ideas/questions they want to discuss share them briefly with everyone. Then we will do a quick vote and the few (or so, it will depend on how many show up) will be selected and then we will break out into groups with 30 min ish to discuss, and come back for a 10-15 min wrap up share main take away points with others.

Please notice location and day difference – the majority of people who responded to the last survey want to meet in the Cedar Bluff area. That also means that dinner will not be provided but the menu is varied and there should be something to everyone interested in eating.

Oh and I’m thinking of a December 12th ish meetup for December and want to look at setting a set time for 2017 so be thinking when would be a good time for you…

Please let me know if you have any questions

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

For more info and to RSVP, please click HERE

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